Evolution Golf Edmonton's Best Indoor Golf

Three Locations in and around Edmonton

South Side

3038 - 106 St NW 
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 437-4653

North Side

13807 - 156 St NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada
(780) 482-4652

Sherwood Park

#370, 6000 Buckingham Drive
Sherwood Park, AB, Canada
(587} 456-8338

Private Rooms

Evolution Golf features large private rooms with televisions so you are not disturbed while playing your round on our indoor golf simulator.  Beverages and food are available to keep your energy up during your round.  Beginners are relaxed without the worry of being watched as they play. The best indoor golf or virtual golf experience in Edmonton.

Super Accurate Sims

The PGA Endorsed simulators used at Evolution Golf are the only simulators on the market to accurately measure ball spin.  This means an unparalleled golf experience with the ability to hit any shot you wish.  Hit chips, flops, draws and fades just as you would outside.  Also with actual putting, you can improve all aspects of the game to take outdoors in the summer.